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Carlo Aonzo Trio at Gamlebyen kulturhus in Fredrikstad December 3th at 19.00

Led by Carlo Aonzo, mandolinist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Teatro La Scala in Milan, his trio will perform music from their latest album. "Mandolitaly" breaks apart and casts a new light on the Italian music heritage: from the internationally known "Arrivederci Roma" and "Roma nun fa la stupida stasera" to the great historical fathers of mandolin as Carlo Munier for a taste of classical repertoire. All revisited and rearranged by the charming Trio style in a melting pot of musical genres. Read moreand by tickets here


Carlo Aonzo Trio at Riksscenen in Oslo December 2th at 20.30

Studium Actoris and SAFT are extremely pleased to host Carlo Aonzo Trio at Riksscenen in Oslo on December 2nd at 20.30. Come see the famous mandolinist from Teatro la Scala in Milano, Carlo Aonzo and his trio perform Italian folk-music at of the highest order!

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Studium Actoris

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Studium Actoris (SA) was founded in 1989 in Bodø and has been based in Fredrikstad since 1997. The main focus and tradition of the ensemble is based on international cooperation and exchange of experience and knowledge across national and genre boundaries. SA is a laboratory for the development of the actor's physical expression. To us, the actor is a human being with special tools and qualities; these make him or her an interpreter between the universe and humanity. By its transparency, the actor can also be understood as a window through which the spectator can see the world and the mysteries of the universe, in completely new ways.

Since the beginning, SA has always created works that both engage, involve and provide opportunities for growth for the society in which it operates. Performing arts have embedded all the innovative power that in addition to producing performances, can be used in communication between the different actors in society: us «ordinary» citizens, politicians, administrators and the other governing powers. We seek, from project to project, to use this unique power the best way possible.

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