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Stageart Research & Workshops. 

- Studium Actoris AS has four business areas:

1. Studium Actoris Ensemble conducts research in acting profession, performing arts productions and theater workshop. The business is run by Studium Actoris` owners, Paolo Martini and Jannicke Stensnes.

2. The Cultural highway is our international network that creates exchange projects with artists and artists from other countries and cultures. The network also consists of local, regional and national entrepreneurs participating in the development and realization of projects. The performances and events in The Cultural motorway being produced and shown both nationally and internationally.

3. SAFT - Theatre Address Fredrikstad is our cultural showcase where we present artists and art from around the world, preferably locally and regionally in Østfold.

4. Study Civitas - performing arts, Innovation, Urban Development and Learning

Studium Actoris has since always created works that both engage, involve and provide opportunities for growth for the communities it operates in. Drama has embodied all the innovative force in addition to producing performances, can be used in communication between social actors: us " ordinary "citizens, politicians, administrators and other governments. We seek, from project to project, the best way to utilize this unique power and adapt it to the need. Teach what we can about this, we would also like to.

- What we believe in:

Studium Actoris Ensemble is a laboratory for the development of the actor's physical expression, across cultural genres and borders. For us, the actor a person with special tools and features; These make him or her an interpreter between the universe and humanity. By its transparency, may actor also understood as a window that the viewer can see the world and the Universe through, perhaps in completely new ways.

- Our contributors:

Studium Actoris have a dynamic staff of artistic instrumental, with name Creative Alliance, creating content and collects material for the production of performances ensemble touring with. Together we explore are the artistic possibilities hidden in the ensemble's educational activities, be it through encounters with other artists, with the public or through the relationships built in the various projects.

In addition, we have engaged an independent resource group called the Advisory friends. There are a bunch of independent and voluntary advisers and discussion partners with different professional backgrounds and with a big heart for culture and theater in general and Studium Actoris particular.

As regards finance and administration, we use an independent accounting firm, Øyvik Accounting AS, which takes care of the management of our economy and helps with everything from budgeting to accounting. Auditor firm KJ Revision makes sure everything goes correctly.

Fredrikstad and Østfold County Council has for many years been a good host for Studium Actoris. They are also represented as observers in our board. Studium Actoris receive operating subsidies over state budget since 2007, as the only independent performing arts ensemble based in Østfold.


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