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Call for workshop proposals for EEA-funded project «Next Stop - Art Close to People»


The general goal of the project is to improve access to theatre and to culture for an as wide an audience as possible, including marginalised groups, as well as to improve the audience’s competence. One of the specific goals of the project is to create and implement a cultural entrepreneurship strategy and an audience development strategy. Based on this we are now calling for workshops led by experts with expertise in «Design Thinking, entrepreneurship and early stage start ups». Institutions who would like to propose a workshop would have to be based in the lower Viken-area and have strong international relations. 






  • Title of the workshop

  • Workshop experts (names, affiliation, and contact information)

  • Scope and topics of the workshop (max 1 page)

  • Rationale (max 1 page)

    • Why is the topic current and important?

    • How does the workshop differ from other related workshops and conferences of similar topic?

  • A short biography of the experts (up to 200 words per organizer) 

  • Planned format of the workshop, including duration of the workshop: Half-day, Full-day and tentative schedule, preferred day of workshop


Unique and creative workshops formats are strongly encouraged!