In the street show «Sweet Home on Wheels»,  we meet  a «wife» and her «husband». Love, jealousy, tenderness and irritation will soon be unveiled by how husband and wife relate to each other and interact with the audience. The show appeals to everyone by humorously exploiting those idiosyncrasies which colours the simple life for us ordinary people.


Sweet Home on Wheels

comic street show

Director: Ensemble / On Stage:  Paolo Martini, Adrian Schvarzstein

Actor Adrian Schvarzstein created in 2016 the solo street show «Sweet Home», which since then he has performed with success around the world. With his direct way of meeting the audience he creates a warm and tender encounter with the best in us. The result is a sit-com of highest quality which has become a trademark in all the shows by this multitalented and cosmopolitan artist. In «Sweet Home on Wheels», Adrian performs the character of the «wife» while actor Paolo Martini performs the character of the «husband». Absurd and comical slap-stick situations are created like pearls on a string! But in this «tête-à-tête» relationship appears «the third wheel», literally the caravanette the couple so lovingly calls «Old Betsy». The camper’s tight living conditions, keeps disrupting the harmony in the «old world» made of «old things» the couple lives in.


The show is suitable for audiences of all ages and cultures, independent of language. It can be played in venues which facilitates a close and direct contact with the public. The show can be used to entertain people before a bigger event, to attract audience’s attention towards a certain area or structure as well as independent feature in a larger context / festival.