Well, the meeting with the audience of Hong Kong was enjoyable and their reaction highest surprising.

After few seconds from our entrance on stage the overwhelming roars of latter and claps made us feel at home! Thanks to the organizers of the Hong Kong International Art Carnival, we were able to perform 5 shows for 5 full houses! The audience was so satisfied that we have to take picture with them and sign autograph for well 30 minutes after each show.

Mr Shu WIng Tang, from Theatre Studio in Hong Kong was in the audience and enjoyed the show. After the show, we had conversation with him about continuing our cooperation in the future.

K1/U13: Fredrikstad - Hong Kong

Studium Actoris til Hong Kong International Art Carnival  /  1. - 5.  august 2013

Studium Actoris:
Director: Shu Wing Tang / On Stage:  

Program for dagene: 

Tirsdag 30. - onsdag 31.  juli: 

Studium Actoris ankommer Hong Kong flyplass og er mottatt av arrangørene til HKIAC 2013.


Onsdag 1. - Fredag 2. august:

Rigging opp på Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre, kostyme gjennomgang og forestillinger for fullt hus.


Lørdag 3. august:

Rigging opp på Tai Po Civic Centre Auditorium, forestilling for fullt hus.

Søndag 4. august:

Rigging opp på Tuen Mun Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall, forestilling for fullt hus.

Møte med Shu-Wing Tang for å programmere fremtidige samarbeid.


Mandag 5. august:

Morgen sightseeing med Mr. Tim. Avreise til Norge. Farwell Hong Kong!