Intro tekst (om bakgrunn for samarbeidet)

K2/U13: Fredrikstad -Bayamo

«Munch - Universal Artist / La Danza de la Vida»

Studium Actoris til Bayamo  /  15 oktober. - 3.  november 2013

Studium Actoris:
Paolo Martini og Jannicke Stensnes.
Kubanske artister: 
Maler:Alexis Pantoja

We are very proud to have been able to complete the project which resulted in the show "La Danza de la Vida" . Working , living and sanitary conditions , climate and especially the Cubans' relation to time , indicated at first that it would be impossible to create a work of art , a show of good quality. We did it in spite of " the circumstances " , the Cubans' notorious excuse to be late and everything was not in place in time (work facilities, stage design , costumes , sound system , etc.). We got some understanding of this excuse , because we ourselves lived under the same conditions , but with only ten production days available before the premiere , could no excuse be accepted . We had to work hard and the result had to be good. When everyone finally in place , disposable and enthusiastic , it speeded things up . We were positively amazed at how talented the musicians , actors and painter were. Production manager Pavel Reyes did an excellent job , under the circumstances . The producer Vivian Perez fought until the premiere date for the latest costume and prop to be in place . Ourselves had written a synopsis and made a solid preparation before leaving for Cuba. This and our colleagues' professional qualifications, did that the working period leading up to the premiere was productive , efficient , serious and humorous. In a surprisingly short time we managed to create a work of good quality. The performance was experimental in form and structure and in line with Studium Actoris ' tradition it was presented in a “popular” arena . It was played outdoors 30 and 31.10 in Jiguani , Bayamo neighboring village and El Poligono , in Bayamo periphery. Official premiere was conducted as scheduled 2.11 in the center of Bayamo, in Plaza de la Revolución . The city's famous son , the painter Pantoja , created his pieces of art " on the fly " as part of the plot before the yes of his astonished fellow citizens . An estimated 600 spectators of all ages attended the three performances (about 200 at the first two and about 400 at the premiere ) . The play was very well received and the organizer , County Office of Cultural Affairs in Bayamo Pavel Reyez in the lead, was delighted . Farewell meeting was touching for all of us. The partecipants Cubans expressed gratitude for having been chosen by the organizers to participate in the project. The youngest even expressed that the project had been "life changing" . For us all , this had been a very intense , informative and unique experience at all levels : human , private, personal , physical , mental , cultural and , first and foremost , artistically. Everyone agreed that further cooperation may be developed in future projects . P. Martini and J. Stensnes