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6 November 2021 at 13:00:00

A performance for children and families about an ordinary man and his struggle to get up in the morning.

The show is about a man who oversleeps every day. When people cannot get up in the morning, they are often called lazy and indifferent. But if we follow this man’s extreme desire to change through a tiresome day, we may realize that he’s a hero.

In a small apartment there’s a bed. An alarm bell sets off. An arm stretches out of the duvet, stops the alarm, and throws the clock into a dustbin. Another alarm bell sets off; the sound comes from a drawer.

This is the beginning of a story about a man who can’t get up in the morning. His morning rituals show us how seriously he prepares different remedies for wakening. They are so extreme that we understand that he has been struggling with this for quite some time. Clever and efficient people are liked by everyone, the lazy and indifferent ones make us irritated. But what about those who never manage, despite doing their best?

The Tired Man oversleeps on a daily basis and desperately wants to become a morning person. His boss thinks he is a fool, but after following him through a tiresome day, we may see him as a true hero.

Jo Strømgren Kompani - The Tired Man

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