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10 September 2021 at 15:00:00

Italian music- and graffiti-artists create visual art through the use of pen, paper and the audience.

Started as an experiment for two (Fabio Bonelli on pencils, Antonello Raggi on electric piano) on the occasion of Audiovisiva 2008 (Milan), since 2010 the project has expanded taking on the connotations of a real group of rhythmic designers.

The idea is simple and effective: 4 designers sit around a long table who create rhythmic patterns with pens, pencils and markers on suitably amplified sheets, accompanying the improvisations of the electric piano.
In this way, small impromptu songs are born, improvised visual-sound creations like scribbles in the corner of a sheet of notes, like tiny harmonic drawings sketched in the air...

The table is open to the participation of the public who can sit down to draw and rediscover their own gestures free from constraints, a bit like when they were children... In this way, unusual jam sessions are created, in which it can happen that the whole audience find yourself drawing to the sound of music. At the same time as the music, video projections of the sound drawings are made that are gradually made. In the end, the drawings remain as a visual trace of what happened.

MATITA Music - Inter-reactive

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