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18 September 2022 at 10:00:00

2 shows starting:

For everybody (15+ years)

Free entrance

Open-air dance theater concert where dance, music, song join together to attempt a poetic and absurd incantation of the "place".

This performance is the theatrical journey of a trio: a musician, a dancer and their beloved double bass. Through dance, music, song, they together attempt a poetic and absurd incantation of the place. As a ritual, an attempt that is both ridiculous and essential, they distribute stories without words and divert the imagination so that the spectators take a new look at the places they come to. The two metaphysical clowns recall King Lear's wanderings, measure the limits of madness, sing the poets, sanctify the disorder, not without recalling the last journey to "medieval mysteries" where life appears as an incessant search for meaning combined with the present.

Co-creation by and with Stefano Fogher, Justine Wojtyniak and Gerry Quévreux based on fragments of texts by William Blake and Arthur Rimbaud.

Cie Retour d'Ulysse - «Désordre»

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