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19 June 2021 at 12:30:00

Musical puppet theater show for the whole family.

Teater Fusentast takes a deep dive into the universe of nonsense poetry with the help of the endless possibilities of puppet theater. Nonsense poetry has existed for a long time. Sometimes it does little of itself, other times it comes to the surface with its devilish considerations and statements.
On stage: Coby Omvlee and Karl Markus Reinert.
Dramaturgi, instruction, scenografi and idea: Lasse Åkerlund.
Puppetmaker: Coby Omvlee
Composer: Per Trygve Johnsen
Magician technician & puppet maker: Jaap den Hertog
LIght designer: Trond Dypfest
Carpenter for the puppethouse: Martin Waagø
Decorator of the puppethouse: Lisa Helstrøm Jørgensen

Teater Fusentast - Katta og Andre Strofer

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