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26 July 2024 at 10:00:00

10 shows starting: Time and place to be decided

For everybody (6+ years)

Free entrance

The smallest show on earth!

Fausto Barile is a fantastic character that hides something special inside. Don’t be afraid, he’s always willing to show you his magical inner world. Fausto can assure that, as well as the thousands of characters we have inside us, there is also a whole theatre!

We all know that inside our bellies there is a boiling pot of thoughts, fears, moods and emotions. Fausto prefers to open his belly rather than his mouth; he unbuttons his coat and shirt to spread his belly wide open and reveal there’s a theatre with audience, stage, and lighting! And the show? It won’t be late. An “offspring” of curiosities, attractions, comical and poetic everyday actions: the Inside Theatre.

Fausto will keep you just a few minutes, in a small quiet corner he will take you to another world.

About the artist:
Roberto di Lernia, born in Milan in 1968, discovered his vocation as a clown and performer in 1992, when he became Rufino.
His main formative experiences as a performer were with Raul Manso, Jean Paul Denizon, the Colombaioni Brothers, Mark Eriksson, Jango Edwards, Jean Menigault, Pierre Byland, Eric de Bont, Johnny Mellville, and Rita Pelusio.
Street artist, actor and fantasist of consolidated experience, he has participated for over twenty years in Italian and international festivals and artistic events with a variety of different artistic performances. Since 2010, he has collaborated with Trukitrek in two of their artistic productions: first in “Isla Mosquito” and then as a soloist in “Blue Moon”. In 2013, under the supervision of Salvo Frasca, he developed the show “Fausto Barile.” He has participated in two expeditions of “GiullariSenzaFrontiere” in India and Brazil.
He performs regularly in 4 Italian circuses: Side Kunst Cirque, Circo el Grito, Circo Paniko and Magda Clan. He lives in Tuscany and travels often.

Clown Rufino (IT) - «Fausto Barile»

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