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10 September 2022 at 17:00:00

1 show starting:

For adults (17+ years)

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Theatre concert with a mission - to open the doors of Chopin's "many rooms"

George Sand (aka Aurore Dupin), Chopin's companion for nearly ten years, had two children from her first marriage to Baron Dudevant: Maurice and Solange.
In particular, she had a very close relationship with Maurice: she herself took care of his education, until then entrusting the boy's graphic talent to her friend and painter Etienne Delacroix.
He was trained in the workshop of the famous painter and to this we owe the large collection of images of the traditional masks of the Italian theater and the Commedia dell’Arte collected in the album "Masques et Bouffon".
Maurice, between the age of fifteen to twenty-three, shared his mother's affection with Chopin; his ears listened to the Polish artist improvising, saw him lock himself in a room to try to furiously retrieve his creations, shared walks with him, sometimes played the game of the theater - Chopin seems to have been an excellent mime.
The theater-concert’s mission is to open the doors of Chopin's many rooms - in Mallorca, in Paris and in the country villa of Nohant - and figuratively peek at the great composer through a crack with the admiring and jealous gaze of the young Maurice.

Performers: Enrico Bonavera (actor) and Cinzia Bartoli (pianist)
Based on creations by Chopin

Enrico Bonavera and Cinzia Bartoli - «Chopin: the room beside»

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