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8 June 2023 at 18:00:00

1 show in the Byparken Halden

For all lovers of comic operas

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Charlatans in free dressage! An evening full of humour, surprises and pranks!

Meet the traveling opera company Il Ciarlatano, who come with the promise of a spectacular version of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi's opera Adriano in Siria, but as their name suggests, perhaps offering something completely different?

Previous reviews of this production describe it as funny, ironic and entertaining. The audience is entertained with elements from street theater and Commedia dell'arte*. Both opera connoisseurs and those who have never seen an opera before will enjoy experiencing both this beautiful, energetic and funny performance.

The music features elements from the operas Adriano in Siria and Liviette e Tracollo by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi.

*Commedia dell'arte is a traditional Italian theater form with fixed characters and comic action. The play form began in the Renaissance in the 16th century as a freer variant of contemporary written Italian plays, commedia. The word means "craftsmen's comedy", i.e. a comedy created by craftsmen, i.e. professional actors, as opposed to the more text-based theater of the learned amateurs.

Artists & roles:

Anna Manske, Livietta (mezzosopran)
Dietrich Henschel, Tracollo (bariton)
Adrian Schvarzstein, Facenda (Tracollo friend)
Thomas Höft, Fulvia (Liviettas friend)
Didac Cano, Factotum (acrobat)
Ensemble La Baldracca (aka Ārt House 17)
Michael Hell (musical direction)

Ensemble ĀRT HOUSE (AT) - «Il Ciarlatano»

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