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18 July 2023 at 09:00:00

1 show, in the Library park, Fredrikstad

for everybody

free entrance

A suspended three-dimensional stage with dancers performing in a gigantic cube. This time with a daylight version especially developed for Tall Ships Races in Fredrikstad!

About the show and style:
The Vertical Theater stems from vertical dancing Vertical spaces become floors on which the performers, supported by harnesses and suspended on ropes, dance, jump, run, perform...using the walls as orthogonal working surfaces.
We see the Vertical Theatre as a language that brings together different art forms, starting from Theatre and circus, graphics, acrobatics, dance and music, to visual comedy and new technologies. All of these different disciplines get reinvented and adapted to unusual and impressive vertical locations: towers, buildings façades, bell towers, walls, cliffs, trees and great outdoors.

eVenti Verticali:
is a cultural sports association aiming to promote an unusual type of Theatre to be performed on vertical and aerial stages.
Origins. Founded in 2006 from an idea of Andrea and Luca Piallini, the association has since then realised courses and shows all around the world promoting the Vertical Theatrein twenty different countries.
The idea of working on vertical surfaces came up in 2003, while performing a rope descent from a window during a show in Gdansk.

Eventi Verticali (IT) - "Cubo" (daylight version)

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