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9 September 2022 at 17:00:00

1 show starting:

For young ad. & adults (15+ years)

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Interactive shadow theater where two practitioners navigate a room in total darkness, working on paper carvings using torches and lights.

A room in total darkness where two practitioners navigate the room, working on the paper carvings using torches and lights. The room has three to five parallel paths with landscapes carved in paper and cardboard, an overgrown landscape attached to the floor that extends upwards towards the seal.

The soundscape hangs like heavy fog in the room, thick, beautiful and penetrating in a soft way, almost like a lullaby. The practitioners interact in the dark room, they are two people who are transformed into an animal, into two bird shadows. An enormous bird's head carved out of black cardboard is attached to the heads of the artists as bird ladies. The bird ladies are embraced in black, in a dark afternoon dress, they are dressed respectfully to honor moments of loss in an exquisite moment of beauty and sorrow.

An ongoing interaction with the audience will be shown. "The Bird Ladies" invites the audience into the shadows by giving them a flashlight. Our overall goal is to create secular ritual spaces for climate grief, a climate collapse in embodied ways.

The performance will be part of Studium Actoris' contribution to "Kulturnatt" 2022 in Fredrikstad.

Actors: Henriette Blakstad, Maia Lohre Køhn & Anne Mali Sæther
Paper cutting artist: Guri Guri Henriksen
Costume designer: Henriette Blakstad
Light designer: Paul Vidar Sævarang (Den Norske Opera & Ballett)
Sound and multimedia experimental music (UK): Silo Portem
Sound technician: Minali Conradi
Text: Anne Mali Sæther
Musician: Catharine DeLong (US)
Technical regarding metal for scenography: Lasse Heggen Raa
Concept developers: Henriette Blakstad, Anne Mali Sæther & Guri Guri Henriksen
Project manager: Henriette Blakstad
Director: Anne Mali Sæther

Supported by:
Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond
Danse og teatersentrum
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere
SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen.
Curator Heidi Hart Ph.D. (US), Art and Humanities Research Fellow SixtyEight AI.
Studium Actoris, Fredrikstad
Nesoddparken Kunst- og kulturnæringssenter

HenBlakstad & Animalske Prod. - «The Bird Ladies»

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