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20 July 2023 at 10:00:00

2 shows, July 20th

For everybody

For tickets check on

Comic street show about a young eccentric woman who has an hour to spare before leaving... Organized in collaboration with «Verdensbro». 2 shows, July 20th at «Kulturhuset Verdensbro», Halden.

On a whim this peculiar woman decides to use the free hour to get married. But not to just anybody! She organises a love contest amongst the public to find the perfect spouse.
 The young woman will encourage contenders to perform acrobatics on her faithful yellow bicycle and singing to them backwards.
Who will be the Chosen One? The show will be performed in English and "some" Norwegian.
For specific schedule and tickets price check this link:

Jessica Arpin (ES/CH) ON THE ROAD - «Kalabazi» in Halden

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