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26 July 2024 at 11:00:00

4 shows starting: Time and place to be decided

For everybody (6+ years)

Free entrance

A unique show within the world of puppet theatre: here "puppets" are flesh and blood and are played by Laura's feet, knees, hands, legs and stomach!

The stories and fables of the are original, comical and poetic, often with the use of atmospheric and emotive soundtracks and designed to appeal to people of all ages and different cultural backgrounds.
Laura Kibel, musician, costume and set designer for theatre and cinema, and specialist model maker is responsible for the making off all the elements for her show; from the personally composed soundtracks to the hand made noses, masks, costumes and props. Laura Kibel has worked with great success at Theatre Festivals, in cabaret and in corporate entertaining. With the show "Gone with the feet" Laura has won many awards.

Laura Kibel (IT) - «Gone with the feet»

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