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28 July 2022 at 13:45:00

2 shows starting:

For everybody (6+ years)

Free entrance

Comical street theatre show for audience of all ages!

Based upon an idea by Hungarian director Pál Kalman (Karzat Theatre) and created in 2016 by actor Adrian Schvarzstein "Sweet Home on Wheels" is absurd and comical where slap-stick situations are created like pearls on a string! In this «tête-à-tête» relationship between husband and wife «the third wheel» appears, the caravanette the couple so lovingly calls «Old Betsy». The camper’s tight living conditions, keeps disrupting the harmony in the «old world» made of «old things» the couple lives in». Adrian Schvarzstein performs the character of the «wife» while actor Paolo Martini performs the character of the «husband».

Actors: Paolo Martini og Adrian Schvarzstein
Director: Adrian Schvarzstein Scenography: ensemble Costumes/props: Lill Roos & ensemble Electronic hard-/software: NxTech (with assistance by students from Sciencelinjen at Glemmen Vgs. Produced by: Studium Actoris and Adrian Schvarzstein

Studium Actoris / Schvarzstein - «Sweet Home on Wheels»

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