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28 July 2022 at 12:00:00

4 shows starting:

For children (3+ years)

Free entrance

The clown Koko is a flirtatious and dance-loving clown who wants to impress with his fantastic arts. Everything does not go according to plan, but as long as the audience is happy, Koko is happy...

The show is built on varying highs and lows between classical and not so classical clowning, bizarre inventions, balloons, music, fakir stunts and a high degree of audience involvement. Inspired by old slapstick heroes like Buster Keaton and Chaplin, and by the previous clown generation (Fritjof Fomlesen), Koko invites the audience to 45 minutes where anything can happen. Comes with a guarantee of laughter for children and parents aged 3 years and up.

Actor: Tobias Vik
Consultant: Lars Vik (Fritjof Fomlesen)
Costumes: Vigdis Nordgaarden

Teater Avvik - «Klovnen Koko»

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