Teater Fusentast - «Greetings from...»

Theatrical guided city walk where actor Jaap von Hertog plays an event that happened in specific places of the city in question, with the pop-up as a puppet scene.

Up from the Fortress in Trondheim you can see the entire history of the city. Few tourists or people from Trøndelag know about it. This is how it is in cities all over Europe. Very many places have known their witch-burnings, been captured by Vikings, have plentiful shopping malls, forests to get lost in and lakes with drowned lands, monsters etc.

Fusentast's puppet player Jaap has had to cancel his planned premiere of the show about Hans and Grete, so the head of tourism in the municipality where we are has at his most mercifully hired him as a guide for city walks with interested curious people. The guide has a brochure for the various attractions on his wheelbarrow.
Each of the 5 pages opens to a "pop-up", and our man plays an event that happened "in exactly that place", with the pop-up as a puppet scene.

Actor: Jaap den Hertog
Director, tekst: Lasse Åkerlund in collaboration with Jaap den Hertog
Costumes, scenography: Berit Haltvik With - in collaboration with Inga-lill Røsberg and Ola Ravn Hassel
Illustrator: Inga- lill Røsberg - in collaboration with Berit HW Producer: Randi Størseth
Graphical design, Programme, poster: Roger Aasegg
Consept, script, Pop-ups-technique: Jaap den Hertog

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