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15 July 2023 at 15:00:00

3 shows, starting: July 15th to 17th

For everybody (10+ years)

Free entrance!

An itinerary performance which transforms streets into a festival of South-American flair.

Drum rhythms, three-metre-long figures with faces of papier-mâché, colourful patched costumes, banners, whistles and fire: FIESTA advances, people start to follow this fantastic and jolly parade. The show goes on, from scene to scene; in an onomatopoetic language-mix actors tell little burlesque stories, inspired by Gabriel García Márquez’ book «100 years solitude»: a dramatic shipwreck, a turbulent rendezvous of four lovers are the some of the ingredients.

Teatro Due Mondi
is an independent theatre group from Faenza in Italy. Since the group’s foundation in 1979 Teatro Due Mondi has always investigated human relationships in contemporary society and has developed a style that allows direct and immediate communication with the spectators.

Teatro due Mondi (IT) - «Fiesta»

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