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18 July 2023 at 11:00:00

1 show only!

For everybody (10+ years)

Free entrance

Culinary comic opera!

A show for young and old that tells of Italy and its flavours and sounds, which unravels the passion for life and its pleasures as a characteristic trait of the Italian culture.
It is the story of a quest for happiness and conviviality, a hymn to love and taste, to good food and the pleasure of sitting together around a big table.
The musical repertoire is inspired by the relationship between food and love with sweet and salty songs about seductions at the table, describing moods that alternate between melancholy and laughter. Starting from the sounds of Italian popular music, Antonella Talamonti (a historical collaborator of Giovanna Marini) composed for this work original music and arrangements that alternate with Rossini’s most famous ouvertures.

Teatro Due Mondi
is an independent theatre group from Faenza in Italy. Since the group’s foundation in 1979 Teatro Due Mondi has always investigated human relationships in contemporary society and has developed a style that allows direct and immediate communication with the spectators.

Teatro due Mondi (IT) - «Rossini Flambé»

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