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Teatro due Mondi - «Wall Cracks»

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1 show starting:

30 July 2022 at 14:00:00

For young ad. & adults (15+)

Free entrance

Street performance produced in the frame of the European Project MAUERSPRINGER – Wall Jumpers.

The street performance WALL CRACKS by Teatro Due Mondi is produced in the frame of the European Project MAUERSPRINGER – Wall Jumpers. It is the result of a long creative process that has started seven years ago when the ensemble from Faenza gave birth to Borderless, a theatre workshop with Italian non professional actors and refugees that have been arriving in Italy since then. Ignorance rises walls while knowledge makes them tumble down. WALL CRACKS is a show about high walls of division that still are built day by day. There are so many of them that they look like a gigantic labyrinth when you watch them from the sky. The actors will be stopped by these walls, they will try to get to the other side but they are refused. They will try it again and again and search for new ways. But if you don’t have a valid passport or if you are different you won’t get through.

Dramaturgy: Gigi Bertoni
Actors: Federica Belmessieri, Denis Campitelli, Tanja Horstmann, Angela Pezzi, Maria Regosa, Renato Valmori. IN THIS OCCASION GUESTING ALSO YOUNG ADULTS FROM "GLEMMEN AKROPARK"
Director: Alberto Grilli Costumes/masks: Maria Donata Papadia, Loretta Ingannato, Angela Pezzi, Maria Regosa
Photo: Stefano Tedioli
Video: Andrea Pedna
Graphical design: Marilena Benini

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