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«SAFT på Månen» is here!

Between Thursday 28.07 to Saturday 30.07, as part of «Månefestivalen», we invited a total of 18 performances with six different international artists. The audiences loved it and SAFT på Månen was a great success in the beautiful Fredrikstad-weather!


Kulturnatt in Fredrikstad!

We will soon publish our program for «Kulturnatt i Fredrikstad 2022». Stay tuned here and at our Facebook-page!

Here you can find information about our own productions, both new and old ones! 

Guest performances and workshops are an integral part of Studium Actoris' identity and focus areas. Read more about that here! 

We are constantly working on different projects, on local, regional, national and international levels. Here you can find information about our current and previous projects!

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Studium Actoris (SA) was founded in 1989 in Bodø and has been based in Fredrikstad since 1997. The main focus and tradition of the ensemble is based on international cooperation and exchange of experience and knowledge across national and genre boundaries. SA is a laboratory for the development of the actor's physical expression. To us, the actor is a human being with special tools and qualities; these make him or her an interpreter between the universe and humanity. By its transparency, the actor can also be understood as a window through which the spectator can see the world and the mysteries of the universe, in completely new ways.

Since the beginning, SA has always created works that both engage, involve and provide opportunities for growth for the society in which it operates. Performing arts have embedded all the innovative power that in addition to producing performances, can be used in communication between the different actors in society: us «ordinary» citizens, politicians, administrators and the other governing powers. We seek, from project to project, to use this unique power the best way possible.

Our artists and internal collaborators:

Paolo Martini

Jannicke Stensnes

Joachim Johansen


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