This is a multidimensional audio-visual-theatre piece which probes one of the great rotting sores of our time - the gangrene of torture. 

It's a work of imagination, developed over several weeks of improvisation and mutual criticism, that finds itself intensifying its political thrust exactly where it struggles to be a pure work of composition.

Hard & fragile like a diamond

a guided tour of torture

Director: Rudi Skotheim Jensen / On Stage:  Tim Hodgkinson, Jan H. Hustak, Stefano Lanzardo and Paolo Martini  

The project is an ongoing research on the thematic of torture as a phenomenon. It explores the picturing and the concealment of torture, the many layers of deceit and deception that seem to come between us and the sordid truth, but turn out to enmesh us in it with a terrible intimacy. 


Hard and Fragile like a Diamond is the fruit of a rare encounter 

between physical theatre, sound art, photography, film, and various forms of documentation.