«Playful angels» was the heading in the excellent review of LOST ANGELS premiere in November 2010. It got 5 out 6 possible dots and was described as «cheerful, for the senses and an aestethically wonderful experience». Studium Actoris 20th anniversary performance was inspired by Wim Wenders  lm classic ”Wings of desire”. Then found it’s place in the universe of Studium Actoris.

Lost Angels

where angels and people meets

Director: Enrico Bonavera / On stage: Paolo Martini and Jannicke Stensnes

In Lost Angels you meet an angel, humble and relatively unconcerned. He watches human life on earth with wonder and fascination. One day a seemingly cheerful and a bit tipsy woman catches his eye. But something isn’t quite right. She freshens up her make up and seems prepared for something...suddenly we see the gun in her hand. The angel wants to intervene, he wants to stop her - then the gun goes off, by mistake!!!

Angels have the light and spiritual life in an eternal non-existence. No worries, no risk taking. But where angels and man meet the impossible, the unexpected, the wonderful and the horri c happens. Whereas Wenders ended up cutting some of the humoristic displays of the angels, Studium Actoris make them come alive and present their own interpretation. They take it a step further – into their own peculiar and unpredictable universe.

Lost Angels take you on an emotional roller coaster and presents you with the emotional range from love to sorrow, life to death, and crying to laughter. Life isn ́t always pretty – not even for an angel.