This beloved couple have played more than 500 performances for over 52.000 people!

The Konk Brothers have toured for 22 years and aired national television for two seasons. They make kids from 5-100 years scream from laughter where ever they go! Recently they’ve played  in Norway, Italy, Denmark, Hong Kong, Poland, in Tall Ships Races and more.

Now they’re ready for your hometown!

Da capo!

Quasi-concert with the Konk Brothers

Director: Leris Colombaioni / On stage:  Henning Farner and Paolo Martini  

Roman and Petrov Konk, always penniless and in constant search for easy money. Here they present themselves as virtuoso violinist and scheme to fool the ‘audience’ of their apparent lack of skill. They appear on stage as baggage porters from an improvised firm called ”Konk Brothers music and transportation”. This time they seize the opportunity to transform themselves into musicians... When their goofy ways blend with the characteristic humour of a clown, there is little doubt why they are constantly in embarrassing situations. But all's well that ends well, and in the end, through musical means, they manage to entertain the audience.