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Blå. Jakten på havets skatter

A performance played on a floating theatre: The majestic sailing ship "Najaden"

Together with Teater Cajka, Studium Actoris has brought together sailors and land crabs in the form of professional international actors for a small party of a performance. Here, the audience are involved from the first moment when the hunt starts on the sailboat's deck. The performance is played below deck.

The treasures of the sea consist of humorous and tragic stories, song, music and drama and various treasures are hunted; stories that are like little treasures and of course a genuine treasure. The search for justice is one of the stories and was inspired by the story of the heroic Fern Sunde, the world's first female radio telegrapher.

The music ranges from the mournful shilling songs to the powerful sea shanties. In the performance, humor and seriousness are mixed in several layers.

Director: Francesco Orico (Compagnia Cajka)

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