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Da Capo! A quasi concert with the Konk Brothers.

A comical clown show for children and adults which is destined to make you laugh!

The ‘Konk Brothers’ are two beloved characters created by the Italian / Norwegian duo consisting of Paolo Martini and Henning Farner. These two characters were conceived in 1994 in Norway. Since, the duo has appeared in four classic variations in over 500 live performances for over 52,000 people. Their use of physical acrobat- ics and slapstick techniques is in the same comic vein as the early American silent films. A meeting with, the renowned Italian clown, Leris Colombaioni, was instrumental in changing their artistic direction to also include the attributes of the classical clown.

By an original idea of Lars Vik, Grenland Friteater (Norway)

On stage: Henning Farner and Paolo Martini
Director: Leris Colombaioni
Production: Studium Actoris & Månefjes Productions
Premiere: 2005 in Fredrikstad, Norway

“A performance to die from laughter, rich with silent movie humour and situation comedy.”
Silvia Muser, Secolo XIX

“The Konk Brothers: Masters of Comedy!”
Per H. Forsberg, Demokraten

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