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Do I Matter?

Doris Lessing expresses herself thus:
"Save the world?
We could start by stopping the wars".

«The normal course of life in the Western world is birth, nursery school, school, military service, education, work, pension, retirement home and death.
This is what we learn. We accept this. There's of course variants in order. There's
some who "lose" and some who "win".
There are individual complications and individual solutions in all people's lives, but the displacement
from institution to institution, from authority to authority has been established over generations
as a necessity that is believed to be equal of course like life itself.
Doris Lessing expresses herself thus. "Save
We could start by stopping the wars".

But where is the real authority that with a single order can stop all wars. The performance will show a simple little person in his attempt to manage himself in this mess of authorities and how she moves the authorities
into himself and ends up as a killing machine.
Could she by deposing some authorities, by make your own choices, become part of the authority that
one day was able to stop the wars?
Do we live in a world where the individual's path choices could actually help to change
it. We want to believe it, but remain silent the question:
Do I matter?»
Auth.: Gudmund Groven

Director: Gudmund Groven
Actress: Jannicke Stensnes
Costumes/props/scenography: The ensemble
Idea / theme: Studium Actoris
The performance is the result of a collaboration between Gudmund Groven, Østfold Theater and Jannicke Stensnes, Studium Actoris.
Thanks to: Fredrikstad Military History Museum v/ Ragnar Nøkleby, Annette Klingvall,
Østfold theatre, Studium Actoris and all those who have visited and commented afterwards

The production is supported by the Fund for performing artists.
PHOTO: Annette Klingvall © 2008 LAYOUT: Paolo Martini

Thematically, it is a political and topical play, which Jannicke conveys with her simple but strong tools, her physical but silent presence in a unique and impressive way worth every dot on the dice.
Kristine Andreassen, Fredrikstad Blad

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Photo: Anette Klingvall

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