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Herr og Fru Konk

A faded elegant and unusually clumsy man enters the scene. He carries a chair, a music stand with flowers and a violin case. This is how this wildly funny love story between Roman Konk and Magda Onster begins.

He, a poor street musician who is moved to tears by his own beautiful tones. She an optimistic doctor and researcher with a mission: to save the world from any disease, whatever the cost!

Mr and Mrs Konk is a story about getting attention, conquering your place in the world and not least winning the heart of your chosen one. It stumbles and lurches, tumbles and is caught in a potpourri of music. At a crazy pace and with enormous body control, the actors Jannicke Stensnes and Paolo Martini from Studium Actoris make us shake with liberating laughter.

Inspired by clown work and Commedia dell'arte, the Italian director Leris Colombaioni gives us a taste of a different tradition than the one we usually see on the Norwegian stage. The performance is free and suitable for both young and old.

Artists & Crew:
Actors: Jannicke Stensnes and Paolo Martini (Studium Actoris)
Director: Leris Colombaioni.
Ass. Director: Mary Dimech.
Light design: Joakim Johansen.
Costumes: Lill Roos and Marianne Kjølstad.
Music: Carlo Aonzo Trio and others.
Studio recordings: «FMV Studio» c/o Kyrre Fritzner.
Props & scenografi: Studium Actoris, Lill Roos, Måneproduksjoner AS and Ida Fredriksen.
Idea and concept: Paolo Martini and Jannicke Stensnes.
Photo: Stefano Lanzardo
Production: Studium Actoris.
Thanks to Adrian Kaaber for the administrative support and Eva Lotta Sandberg for press information.

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Photo: Stefano Lanzardo © 2023

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