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Inspired by Knut Hamsun's artistic univers and life.

Performing venue: Kjerringøy Gamle handelsted.
On Stage: Jannicke Stensnes, Rolf Heim, Elin Lindberg, Ann Christin Nordberg and Paolo Martini.
Director: Roger Rolin (Institutet för Scenkonst)
Light: Trond Mikalsen
Produced by: Polar Plexus Teater with the support of Nordlands Fylkeskommune, Bodø Kommune
Sponsor: SAS hotel, Bodø.

About Polar Plexus Teater: company created in Bodø, Norway, in the beginning of 1989. The company was founded by Elin Lindberg as project base, with financial help by Nordland County. To partecipate in the project was, in addition to Lindberg, invited Ann Christin Knapstad (today Nordberg), Jannicke Stensnes, Paolo Martini and Rolf Heim. External director and inspirator was Roger Rolin from Institutet for Scenkonst. The project in itself was terminated in the end of 1991. Polar Plexus still exists today under the lead of Elin Lindberg. In 1992 moved Jannicke Stensnes and Paolo Martini away from Bodø with the intention to prolong their project of research initiated inside Polar Plexus, and established few years later the company Studium Actoris, first in Gvarv, as guest of Skuespillerkompåaniet, then in Porsgrunn, guested by Grenland <friteater and finally, in 1997, in Fredrikstad, which is at this day, the base of the company activity.

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