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La Danza de la Vida / Livets Dans

Outdoor performance inspired by the works of Edvard Munch.

«La Danza de la vida 2016» («Livets dans»). Outdoor performance inspired by E. Munchs works. The show was first produced in 2013 in Bayamo, Cuba, and performed as part of Fredrikstad municipality’s celebration of the painter’s 150th birth anniversary and of Bayamos 500th years anniversary as a town. The project was endorsed and promoted by Fredrikstad Municipality and the Office of Culture of the Province of Granma in the city of Bayamo as part of their cultural exchange program.

Actors: Studium Actoris (SA), Heydi B. Padilla, Yuliesky Rodriguez, Ariel Chavez.

Directors: Paolo Martini and Jannicke Stensnes (SA)

Painter: Alexis Pantoja and «Atelier Pantoja» with its students

Musicians: Lidia M. Torres, Lanny Barreiro

Translator: Pavel Reyes

Light designer: light designer from Bayamo

Producer: Vivian M. Milan

Organizer: Pavel Reyes / SA

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