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Lost Angels

Where angels and people meet.

Studium Actoris' jubilee performance "Lost Angels" is inspired by Wim Wenders' "Wings of desire". A film which, among other things, has been referred to as "A tribute to life" and "An irony over religion's belief in life after death!". The angels have the eternal "non-life", a spiritual and easy existence, without worries and without risk. But where angels and humans meet, the impossible, the unexpected, the beautiful and the terrible happen.
Wim Wenders cut out some of the angels' humorous aspects. Studium Actoris retrieves the net-top these pages. They bring out the playfulness and the joke and take it a step further – into their peculiar and unpredictable universe.
"Lost Angels" offers love and sorrow - life and death - laughter and crying.
Together with the Italian director Enrico Bonavera, Studium Actoris has created a show that will take you on an emotional roller coaster.
Life as a human is not always beautiful - even for an angel.


Actors: Paolo Martini as "Parker", Jannicke Stensnes as "Flo"
Director and script: Enrico Bonavera
Costumes: Lill Roos
Scenography: ensemble, Måneproduksjoner, Katrine Nilsen and Marlin Wiik
Sound effects: Jonas Bjerketvedt
Props: Jarle Staff and Måneproduksjoner
Wings: Atelier Renato
Lighting: Joakim "Jokke" Johansen
Photo: Stefano Lanzardo
Producer: Studium Actoris

Playful angels that warmed […] Jannicke Stensnes and Paolo Martini are both experienced, clear and self-confident actors who master the genre they have embarked on. Theater without speech, with elements of pantomime, circus techniques and tableaus well emphasized and enhanced by catchy music and visual means that sound to movements. The choreography was flawless, they moved in total harmony with each other and no movement seemed random. With a simple but beautiful scenography that could easily be transformed with the help of lights, colors and movable props, the few scene changes slid playfully into each other. And playful is a key word to describe this performance. It is both creative and special in all forms of expression.
Kristine Andreassen, Fredrikstad Blad (NO).
Evaluation: 5 of out possible dots on the dice.

Culturally, the run-up to Christmas is often synonymous with both laughter at Christmas party revues and more solemn moods at church concerts. On Thursday, it was time for both parts at the St. Croix house in one and the same performance. "Lost Angels" did not have much of a Christmas feel to it, but could perhaps on a deeper level say something about how we behave in this special time, both in terms of alcohol habits, our somewhat blasé and symbolic relationship with angels, God and heaven. In any case, Studium Actoris managed to turn it all into a laughable, perceptible and aesthetically wonderful experience. […]
This is a show that is absolutely worth seeing. With a humor that pushes different laugh buttons than what you might be used to and that works very well for the otherwise tragic fates that are portrayed. Also played on Friday and Saturday evenings at the St. Croix house.

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Photos: Stefano Lanzardo © 2012

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