Save the world? We could always start by stopping wars!  (Doris Lessing)

The performance shows a member of the ordinary people during hers attempt to manage herself in this whirl of authorities and how she by integrating authority within herself ends up a killing machine. Could she, otherwise, by discharging some of the authorities , by relaying on and making her own decisions, be a part of those authorities capable of stopping wars? 

Foto: © Annette Klingvall

Spiller jeg noe rolle?

Regissør: Gudmund Groven / På scenen:  Jannicke Stensnes

Following a person from childhood to adulthood and the choices made through life. The world is at war. We wish to believe that choices made by individuals, in fact can change the the world. But still we ask ourselves the question:  Do I Matter?



“A deep and meaningful performance of high artistic quality.” “Challenges the spectator, forces the audience to involve itself, interpret.” “With simple, but strong instruments and through her silent but physical presence, the actor manages to earn every dot on the dice.”  

5 out of 6 possible dots in Fredrikstad Blad, Norway.