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Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed

Collaboration between Studium Actoris, the city of Fredrikstad and partners in Bayamo, Cuba has existed since 2013.

Parque Granma is a project that will help strengthen the cultural infrastructure through cultural exchange between Norway and Cuba. This will be a continuation of 3 previous collaborations initiated in 2012. The infrastructure will consist of local artists, contractors, local authorities and institutions in the local community. The goal and result of this will be to strengthen the cultural development and contribute to tourism to the city of Bayamo in Cuba. In collaboration with the County Culture Office in Granma (CU), Visit Fredrikstad and Hvaler, Østfold University College and the initiator Studium Actoris.

U13 - «Munch: Universal Artist»
Fredrikstad - Bayamo
Studium Actoris visiting Bayamo
U14C - «Tanker om friheten»
Faenza - Fredrikstad
Teatro due Mondi visited Fredrikstad to create the show "Tanker om friheten" to celebrate the 200 year of the Norwegian Constitution.
U16 - «La Danza de la Vida» - Turné
Fredrikstad - Bayamo
«La Danza de la vida 2016» («Livets dans»). Outdoor performance inspired by E. Munchs works. The show was first produced in 2013 in Bayamo, Cuba, and performed as part of Fredrikstad municipality’s celebration of the painter’s 150th birth anniversary and of Bayamos 500th years anniversary as a town.
U17 - Performing «Blå», in occasion of Kulturnatt i Fredrikstad
Bayamo,Cagliari - Fredrikstad
In occasion of the event Kulturnatt I Fredrikstad organized by the City of Fredrikstad, Compagnia Cajka from Sardinia/Italy and Studium Actoris presented the show «Blå» in front of local audience and a delegation from the City of Bayamo, Cuba.
U20 - «Parque Granma»
Fredrikstad - Bayamo
Area-development effort through cultural exchanges between Norway and Cuba where main goal is to renovate the area «Parque Granma» in Bayamo.

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