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HøstSAFT 2020

A culture festival in time of pandemi.

In "HøstSAFT", Norwegian stage art breaks free with critical analysis of either existing texts or newly written testimonies. Personal experiences of a fateful nature suddenly turn out to be universal themes.

Performances, concerts and professional forums would give the public a unique opportunity to debate freely about the mediated depictions through the filter of their own life experiences.

Norway have few performing arts festivals and therefore "HøstSAFT" was an important meeting point for sharing experiences and expertise between performing artists across artistic genres and generations. Studium Actoris and the invited ensembles represents cultural entrepreneurs who have 30 to 45 years of experience in the free performing arts field. With their ability to cover the roles of performing artists and organizers as well as operate on a national and international level, across genre boundaries, they cover the important societal task of conveying high-quality artistic content. Their performances and concerts spring from socially engaging themes, create debate that affects the younger generations (also represented in the festival) and challenge them to create.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic "HøstSAFT" the theme was "a culture festival in time of crisis".


Teater Fusentast (NL/NO) - "Sand mellom tærne"

Teater Fusentast (NL/NO) - "Langligger"

Grenland Friteater (NO) - "Flyktningens sju songar"

Nina Ossavy (NO) - "Sangen blir borte"

Geddy Aniksdal (NO) - Essay presentation: "Omvegen heim" (moderated by Anne Fjellro)

Lars Vik (NO) - Book presentation: "Det grådige hjerte" (moderated by Anne Fjellro)

Grenland Friteater and band (NO) - "Aluminiumsongar"

Power in Numbers




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