Photo:© Anders Hede

Århus, 1910 – the Golden Age of Danish Silent cinema. Where heroes are heroes and villains are really not very nice.

A plucky little film company struggles to finish their masterpiece. This will surely be their breakthrough, especially for the young heroine, Asti.

 Winner of the 2016 Audience Award from Performing Arts Platform
5yr + 

Grand illusions

Theatret Thalias Tjenere (DK)

A co-operation between Østfold Kulturutvikling, Kulturskolen i Fredrikstad and Studium Actoris

Director: Michael Fields Jensen / On stage:  Linda Fallentin, Stephan Vernier, Sune C. Abel 

The revolutionary invention has created a world of hope and inspiration, where talents are born and where each day brings new wonders. But cheating, sabotage and other villainy is the order of the day in the competition between  aspiring companies, and Asti soon finds herself caught in a web of lies and hidden motives which will test her loyalty, friendship, even love. Who is the villain and who the hero when the camera stops running?

In Theatret Thalias Tjenere’s wild, visual, comic mask universe, we travel back to the time when Aarhus’ streets were whirring with movie cameras – before Hollywood was invented. It’s fun. Funny. Surprising. For the whole family.

5år +