Klovne takter

Teatro Colombaioni (IT)

A project in collaboration with Østfold Kulturutvikling, Kulturskolen i Fredrikstad and Studium Actoris

Director: Leris Colombaioni / On stage:  Barry Colombaioni, Lenny Colombaioni and 
Wendy Colombaioni

A balmy ringmaster comes at the venue to rig up the circus performance. But there is an obstacle on the road: they have neither the artists under contract or program of attractions! He hires immediately the 1st people he meets on the spot, two janitors who "accidentally" pass by in the hall.

They are both promoted to clowns and balance artists, and more ... But this it's not enough: they need more people including setup, acting and performing in a circus orchestra; the eccentric ringmaster find helpers among children and adults in the audience!


Balancing on the unicycle and bicycle,  "X-Factor" audition, clowning and many comical scenes are among what the audience gets to experience! Children can happen to be painted, dressed and even play in a "rock band". Along the way, audiences also get a practical educational and seriously comic introduction to various circus jobs and arts.


This is a production for children that also appeals to the adults. "Clown beat" offers the entire family a festive, adventurous and exciting time together.

6år + 

Teatro Colombaioni from Italy, is a dear and familiar friend of SAFT and Studium Actoris. This time they visit us with a performance in the borderland between farce and clowning, filled with seemingly "perilous" situations, absurd comedy, circus attractions, balancing and jugglery, where the clown tradition is combined with stage theater.

Foto:© arkiv Colombaioni