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28 July 2022 at 13:00:00

3 shows starting:

For everybody (6+ years)

Free entrance

Duo Kaos presents a contemporary circus show in which movement, elegance and bicycle acrobatics come together in a perfect mix to get us excited.

Time to loop is a story of movement, transformation and love, where building and destroying are part of the same mechanism and each character, in her own way, seeks support and its complement to restore chaos to harmony. All this is a game in synchrony, because balance is a constant that takes you outside your own borders, a breakdown and reassembly of the possibilities of grasping, hooking and detachment necessary to kick off a new action. With lightness of mind and romantic momentum, both characters begin to understand that one cannot replace the other but that together they can create the perfect loop.

With: Giulia Arcangeli [Italia] og Luis Paredes [Guatemala]
Costumes: Angela Patronelli Music: Matias Lizana
Produced by: Orango Bando 2015 – Otoupalik bike

Duo Kaos - «Time to Loop»

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