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U13 - «Munch: Universal Artist»

Studium Actoris visiting Bayamo

«Munch universal artist» - Cultural exchange project between the City of Fredrikstad (NO) and the City of Bayamo and the County Granma (CUBA).

In the occasion of the celebration of the 150 years from the birth of the painter Edward Munch and of the 500 years anniversary of the founding of the town Bayamo, Studium Actoris revived the relationship between the 2 towns by starting a collaboration with local cuban artists and the county of Granma. The Project first fase (realized in 2013) saw the creation of the street show "The Dance of Live", directed and produced by by Studium Actoris in collaboration with the county and performed in the pedestrian streets of Downtown Bayamo in October 2013.

The artistic background for the creation of the performance was the following:

«Through a study of some of the artistical work of Edvard Munch, we identified "the bridge", both phisically but also philosofically, as a one of the central elements of Munchs paintings.

On the "physical" bridge (also existing in reality in the little village where Munch worked during several periods of his life), we see the despair of the lonely figure in the "Scream", the judging mob / crowd found in the paintings by title "Anxiety", as well as the innocence and mondanity of the "Girls on the Bridge", "Women on the Bridge" and "Ladies on the bridge".

On the "philosophical" bridge (and sometimes, the lack of a bridge...), we can see the unfillable gap between the figures of a woman and a man in love but separated by their solitude and jealousy (paintings: "Melancholy (Jappe on the beach)", "Eye in eye", "Ashes", "Jealousy" etc) or, at the opposite, the melting of individual lovers into one "third creature", a combination of the two, "solded" in a kiss or an embracement (paintings: "The Kiss", "Vampire").

Finally we have the social "sorroundings" of the bridge, with scenes of people gathering by the water, having a party (painting: "The dance of life"), or other social situations (paintings: "The village Street", "The drowned boy" and different "workers" pictures).»



The Painter (EM): Alexis Pantoja

The Woman in Black (WB): Jannicke Stensnes

The Woman in White (WW): Heidy Beatrice Torres Padilla

The Woman in Red (WR) + servant: Yuliesky Pérez Rodríguez

The Priest (P) + servant: Paolo Martini

The Lover (L) + servant: Ariel Hernandez Chavez

The Musicians:

Lidia Maria Torres Rosales (Guitar and Luth), Lanny Alarcon Barreiro (Violin)


Paolo Martini & Jannicke Stensnes (Studium Actoris)


Studium Actoris (NO) and Pavel Reyes (Granma County, CUBA)

Supported by: The City of Fredrikstad, the City of Bayamo and the County Granma

Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed

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