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U21 - «Next stop - art close to people»

The international project “Next Stop – Art Close to People / Następna Stacja – Sztuka blisko Ludzi” is a project realized by "Pocztówka” Cultural Association from Poland (the leader) and Studium Actoris from Norway (the partner).

The project spanned 19 months (1 September 2020 to 31 April 2021). The project culminated in a show called "Dance!" where the rhythms of tango meet the music of Fryderyk Chopin. The premiere and post-premiere show took place at Gamlebyen Kulturhus in Fredrikstad on November 11th and 12th 2021.

The general goal of the project is to improve access to theatre and to culture for as wide an audience as possible, including marginalised groups, as well as to improve the audience’s competence. This will be accomplished thanks to international cooperation of artists and by including the environment into the debate, which is to say – local government, minorities, schools and non-governmental organisations.

Specific goals of the project are as follows:

– create an innovative show available to a wide public;

– develop artistic cooperation between the „Poczówka” Association from Poland and Studium Actoris from Norway;

– increase the competence of the „Pocztówka” Association and other Polish entities regarding the culture industry;

– implement a cultural entrepreneurship strategy and an audience development strategy;

– to bring two towns – Hajnówka, Poland and Fredrikstad, Norway closed together and to establish an international partnership between the two;

– increase the activity of Hajnówka Central, Cultural Station as a centre of artistic, educational, social and volunteer activity.

Cast: Grażyna Tabor, Paulina Staniaszek, Paulina Szczęsna, Blandine

Potiron, Bartłomiej Ostapczuk, Maciej Zakrzewski, Paolo Martini, Henriette

Blakstad, Henning Farner.

Choreography: Tomasz Ssak Sakowski

Music: Targanesque Trio/Katarzyna Klebba, Paweł Paluch, Arnold Dąbrowski.

Scenography: Ann- Karinn Myklebostadt

Script, director: Dariusz Skibiński

Produced by: Agata Rychcik-Skibiński

Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed

Project Gallery:

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