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Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed

Method: Road works - an example of how we finance our highways

Until the building of the K4-highway lane we financed the projects through Studium Actoris’ limited operating budget. After starting a steady collaboration with Polish theatre ensemble A3 Teatr in 2013 it became clear that building several «Highway-exits» needed a more organized and tailored approach in terms of funding. Together with the polish company we decided to finance the maintenance of the highway lane between Norway and Poland through an application to the EEA-grants. After trying for a couple of years we finally reached a breakthrough in 2020 and received almost €200 000 for developing a cultural infrastructure operating with its base in a little village in Poland, interacting with Studium Actoris in Norway. The project was given a very high score, which placed it 8th among 14 projects who received funding out of hundreds of applicants. This and sending applications to Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other European fundings for mobility would absolutely be the future of financing future projects/lanes.

U13 - «Lost Angels»
Fredrikstad - Czeremcha
Studium Actoris performed the show «Lost Angels»
U14 - SAFT «Time Table»
Hajnówka - Fredrikstad
A3 Teatr was invited with the show «Time Table» to perform in St.Croix-huset in Fredrikstad.
U15 - «Da Capo»
Fredrikstad - Hajnówka
Our production «Da Capo» traveled to Hajnówka in Poland to perform at WERTEP Festival.
U18 - Workshop «Materiens sanser» and show «Senses»
Hajnówka - Fredrikstad
Workshop and outdoor show performed as part of the program for «Barnas Verdensdager».
U21 - «Next stop - art close to people»
Fredrikstad - Hajnówka - Fredrikstad
The international project “Next Stop – Art Close to People / Następna Stacja – Sztuka blisko Ludzi” is a project realized by "Pocztówka” Cultural Association from Poland (the leader) and Studium Actoris from Norway (the partner).
U22 - «Next step - Art close to Nature_study visit»
Hajnówka - Fredrikstad
“The next step – Art close to Nature_study visit” is a project in the field of educational mobility implemented by the newly emerging art center entitled Hajnówka Centralna – the Cultural Station, organized by the “Postcard” Cultural Association.

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