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U22 - «Next step - Art close to Nature_study visit»

“The next step – Art close to Nature_study visit” is a project in the field of educational mobility implemented by the newly emerging art center entitled Hajnówka Centralna – the Cultural Station, organized by the “Postcard” Cultural Association.

The geographical location of the program beneficiary in the immediate vicinity of the Białowieża Forest is conducive to reaping the benefits of this neighborhood for the benefit of artistic activities showing the human-nature relationship. The basis for inspiration and research in the field of artistic activities is the Norwegian concept of human balance in co-existence with nature. An important element is learning the language that reflects respect for man as a citizen of a democratic state, as well as for man in correlation with the surrounding nature, which is the mission of an inclusive Europe that treats nature as a partner.

The aim of the project is to acquire specific skills by project participants through social immersion in the local environment of the Donor State organization and use of the acquired knowledge to manage the organization and prepare an educational offer. The study visit will consist in following the work system of an organization with an artistically similar business profile with greater diversification of activities in its local environment, observation of internal communication methods between team members and external communication that determines the brand of an organization operating in networks of dependencies with other stakeholders. The assumption of the project is to get to know directly the effects of the organization’s work in its environment, which is the most methodologically effective cognitive tool.

The project will be attended by five participants who prepare the cultural offer of Hajnówka Centralna – Stacja Kultury. The adopted methodology allows you to familiarize yourself with the work by observing the functioning of the organization in Norway, with the possibility of asking questions, own notes and recording audio and/or video (with the prior consent of the participants), e.g. meetings or meetings. The schedule of the visit will include participation in office work at the headquarters of the organization, meetings with representatives of entities cooperating with the organization from the city/commune in the field of culture, art and ecology, with representatives of local government authorities managing public green areas in the city and environmental protection. The course of the visit involves observation by participating in an artistic event of the Host Institution, which is to be an example of deliberate and gentle interference of art in the area of ​​nature, using the natural potential of the place.

The experience of observing from a different perspective of the Norwegian workflow will help to improve areas in the organization that may require more work, mindfulness or quality improvement, such as: implementing good practices and quality management solutions in a cultural institution, using the region’s natural resources to design educational activities and developing audience including ecological values ​​and sustainable development.

Cooperation with the partner organization “Studium Actoris” is a relationship sanctioned by a large bilateral partnership project implemented in 2021 entitled “The next station – Art close to the People” on the artistic level.

The long-term results of the project are strengthening the competences of animators and organizers of organizations, which translates into preparation for the implementation of an artistic project combining art with nature.

The project “The next step – Art Close to Nature_ a study visit”. Co-financing for the project was granted under the Education Program from the funds of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism of the EEA FM (2014-2021) and from national funds. Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe. “The Next Step - Art Closer to Nature _ study visit” benefits from a € 6.604 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Grants. The purpose of the study visit project is to increase the competences of employees."

Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed

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