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U23 - «Parque Granma»

«Parque Granma» is a project that will help strengthen the cultural infrastructure through cultural exchange between Norway and Cuba.

This will be a continuation of 3 previous collaborations initiated in 2012. The infrastructure will consist of local artists, contractors, local authorities and institutions in the local community. The goal and result of this will be to strengthen the cultural development and contribute to tourism to the city of Bayamo in Cuba. In collaboration with the Cuban Ministry of Culture, County Culture Office in Granma (CU), Visit Fredrikstad and Hvaler, Østfold University College and the initiator Studium Actoris.

Area-development effort through cultural exchanges between Norway and Cuba Project’s main goal: to renovate the area «Parque Granma» in Bayamo. Project’s primary goal: to reconnect the population in Bayamo with this resort by the means of fine arts and performing arts.

Project’s secondary goals: 1) to bring forward and develop the relationship between the city of Fredrikstad, the city of Bayamo and the regions Østfold and Granma. 2) Create a connection between local groups of artists, private contractors (like «bike-taxi», transport by bus or chariot, caterers i.e.) and the local authorities in such a way that in the future this resort can be used permanently as place of entertainment, cultural exchange and dissemination of locally based culinary and cultural experiences. 3) Connect Norwegian entrepreneurs with local authorities to make it possible the developing of collaborations and exchange of expertise and business in Norway as well as in Cuba. Parties involved: Offices of Culture and Offices of Foreign Exchange in Granma and Fredrikstad, Norwegian authorities and entrepreneurs, local entrepreneurs dealing with food, building, tourism and transport. Studium Actoris, theatre, dance, music performers, artists of fine arts from Granma, the School of Cinema of Havana and several regional educational institutions.

Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed

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