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Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed

Several "routes" in the "cultural highway" between Studium Actoris and multiple partners in Italy have been built since 2014.

"Integrated - disintegrated" is a project in collaboration with the Italian ensemble Teatro due Mondi from Faenza that addresses and wants to explore and get involved in the growing radicalization of young people. This workshop, with a closing performance, brings together young people with different ethnicities, political opinions and religious backgrounds to discuss different topics. This discussion will be closely followed by artists from Studium Actoris and Teatro due Mondi who based on this will suggest the creation of various artistic expressions.

U14 - «Teatridimare / Havets teater» as part of event Tall Ships Races - Fredrikstad
Cagliari - Fredrikstad
Compagnia Cajka (Cagliari, Italia) visiting us with "Teatridimare"
U14B - «Il Re Cervo» and «Master Classes»
Fredrikstad - Cagliari
Studium Actoris visits Cagliari to perform "Il re cervo" and give a Master Class in physical acting.
U14C - «Tanker om friheten»
Faenza - Fredrikstad
Teatro due Mondi visited Fredrikstad to create the show "Tanker om friheten" to celebrate the 200 year of the Norwegian Constitution.
U15 - «Blå»
Cagliari - Fredrikstad
U17 - Performing «Blå», in occasion of Kulturnatt i Fredrikstad
Bayamo,Cagliari - Fredrikstad
In occasion of the event Kulturnatt I Fredrikstad organized by the City of Fredrikstad, Compagnia Cajka from Sardinia/Italy and Studium Actoris presented the show «Blå» in front of local audience and a delegation from the City of Bayamo, Cuba.
U22 - «Integrated/Disintegrated»
Faenza - Fredrikstad

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