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Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed
Romantic Walk in Sunset_edited_edited_ed

Method: A highway needs maintenance - how do we engage local authorities in maintaining and «broadening» the highway?

Now that the highway is built and the «traffic» has started, it became increasingly clear that we needed to involve local authorities to maintain and «help» to run the highway. The main goal of the highways are to involve artists and towns from different countries by paying visits to each other to build better understanding between cultures. After building K1 and K2, it became clear that in the future, other departments from the involved municipalities should be put in contact with each other. We started to organize, in connection with each cultural event, meetings between, for example, representatives of the local city development or tourist departments to start talks about other plans of collaboration beside the specific cultural event.

U14 - «Teatridimare / Havets teater» as part of event Tall Ships Races - Fredrikstad 2014
Cagliari - Fredrikstad
Compagnia Cajka (Cagliari, Italia) visited Studium Actoris with «Teatridimare/ Havets teater» as part of event «Tall Ships Races - Fredrikstad».
U14B - «Il Re Cervo» and «Master Classes»
Fredrikstad - Cagliari
Studium Actoris visited Cagliari to perform the show "Il Re Cervo" and give a Master Class in physical acting.
U14C - «Tanker om friheten»
Faenza - Fredrikstad
Teatro due Mondi, cultural authorities from Bayamo and artists from Cuba were invited to Fredrikstad to create the show «Tanker om friheten». to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution.
U15 - «Blå»
Cagliari - Fredrikstad
“Blå” is a composition of different theatrical genres, writing and acting techniques, recognizable to all.
U17 - Performing «Blå», in occasion of Kulturnatt i Fredrikstad
Bayamo,Cagliari - Fredrikstad
In occasion of the event Kulturnatt i Fredrikstad organized by the City of Fredrikstad, Compagnia Cajka from Sardinia/Italy and Studium Actoris presented the show «Blå» in front of local audience and a delegation from the City of Bayamo, Cuba.
U22 - «A dream of milk and honey»
Fredrikstad - Decorah, IO - Faenza
Our newest international route takes Studium Actoris to the USA
U22 - «Integrated/Disintegrated»
Faenza - Fredrikstad
Teatro Due Mondi (IT) held workshops and performed two different shows with local children and young adults.

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